As one of six premier brands within the global Thermo Fisher Scientific corporation, Thermo Scientific empowers scientists with advanced instruments, equipment, software, and more – leading them to critical answers across a broad range of complex research applications.


The What

Drive awareness of Thermo Scientific-branded molecular biology products as high-value, affordable options.

The Who

Reach the next generation of researchers (millennials and post-millennials) in emerging markets and cost-conscious regions (Greater China, Asia Pacific Japan, and Middle East/Africa) looking for basic, relevant, and useful information about molecular biology essentials.

The How

Develop a visually compelling and engaging 2019 Marketplace magazine concept and design to:

  • be used across both print and digital channels for price-sensitive customers

  • convey a fun, engaging approach to real, relatable science in the molecular biology field

  • adhere to the Thermo Scientific brand identity and reflect their relentless commitment to pushing science / technology a step beyond

  • complement existing Thermo Scientific product imagery

  • align thematically with an overarching video game theme, while still reflecting the authenticity and respect of the Thermo Scientific brand and avoiding impressions that feel gimmicky, sci-fi, or retro

  • appeal to the challenges, needs, interests, and culture of the target audience group



Adopting the analysis, precision, and commitment of the Thermo Scientific brand, Bonfire Effect assembled a team of writers, designers, and brand strategists to create an impactful 2019 Marketplace concept and visual approach. Working closely with the Thermo Fisher Scientific corporate brand team, we cultivated differentiation through design and messaging elements that still honored and upheld the well-established credibility of Thermo Scientific.   The final Marketplace concept included creative thematic language and support messaging, brought to life with original illustrations and detailed design – all intended to engage next-generation researchers as they conquer the scientific quest. 

“I was immediately impressed with how the Bonfire Effect focused on understanding the needs of our project and target customers.  I was also impressed by the questions that the team asked to ensure the creative concept aligned with our goals and corporate brand guidelines.”

Stephanie Leisso, Ph.D.
Global Market Development Manager, Molecular Biology
Thermo Fisher Scientific