Purpose Brewing & Cellars is a collaborative venture between longtime head brewmaster at New Belgium Brewing Peter Bouckaert, his wife Frezi, and Zach and Laura Wilson of 1933 Brewing. Combining skill and creativity with a profound commitment to their craft, Peter, Frezi, Zach, and Laura have created a place where true beer connoisseurs can experience the entirety of beer production, from growing and brewing to enjoying each small batch. Their shared mission is to continually take beer-making to a personal, purposeful level.


Purpose Brewing & Cellars takes a hands-on approach to brewing – from harvesting the hops and infusing their recipes with distinct local ingredients to aging their beers in carefully selected barrels. Their relentless passion for the brewing process guarantees that every single beer becomes a singular work of art.

So, when Purpose Brewing engaged our creative team to concept and design a meaningful logo for their purpose-driven brand, we dedicated the same level of care, craft, and creativity that they give to each of their brews. 

Our designer Trais Barhaug handcrafted a detailed logo that creatively captures and conveys the Purpose Story – one that’s centered on tenacious growth from the small to the spectacular. This one-of-a-kind logo not only honored the brewery’s attentive, artistic process of harnessing ingredients and nurturing them into something truly special. It also provided a fresh identity for the brand-new craft brewery – helping Purpose find its unique place in the beer mecca of Northern Colorado.

Logo Design