The background

To bring self-funded, affordable employee healthcare within reach for small businesses throughout Northern Colorado, Bonfire Effect and Associates in Family Medicine engaged UCHealth and Flood and Peterson to create a breakthrough, local solution—one that strengthens and supports Northern Colorado businesses and makes controlling the costs of employee health insurance a reality.

The Bonfire Effect team was instrumental in the development of Tengo Employee Health, handling all naming, messaging, logo design, visual identity, and strategy around the offering. As one of the nation's first collaborative, self-funded employee healthcare programs for small- to medium-sized businesses, Tengo helps employees take control of their health—and business owners take control of their costs. This unprecedented program allows businesses to directly impact employees’ well-being by covering the full gamut of wellness, illness prevention, primary care, and major medical/surgical care. 


Healthcare names are sterile. So when it came to selecting a distinctive name for this exciting program, we knew it had to be fresh, approachable, and memorable. Our creative team explored a variety of themes, from Colorado motifs and benefit-centered terms to uncommon and unexpected words and phrases. We ultimately decided to ditch the clichés and go with a name as pioneering as the program itself—one that would set it apart from standard insurance offerings on the market, capture its collaborative nature, and convey a new and improved approach to employee health. When all was said and done, Tengo stood out as the ideal choice. With its unique, memorable quality, this Spanish word for “I have” excellently reflected the notions of “having” and “holding on” to something of value—a message that aligned perfectly with the “take control of your health” promise of the overarching brand.


After landing on an optimal name for the revolutionary employee healthcare plan, Bonfire Effect crafted a recognizable logo and visual identity around the offering. Our design team created a simple yet attractive logo that stands out in a cluttered crowd of insurance solutions. An artistic interpretation of a hand or a container, the Tengo icon represents the larger brand idea of “having” and “taking control” of health. And the clean, lowercase font gives the logo a conversational, relatable feel while maintaining an important level of professionalism.


With the visual components of the solution in place, we then delivered program messaging to meet small- to medium-sized businesses where they are—addressing their pains head-on and communicating the rich health, time, and cost benefits of the Tengo plan. At last, Bonfire Effect developed a comprehensive go-to-market strategy—mapping out recommended tactics and techniques to introduce the Tengo program and ignite interest around this transformative employee health solution. 


  • A testament to the power of the Tengo brand, the credibility of its stakeholders, and the groundbreaking nature of the offering, more than 25 Northern Colorado business leaders and healthcare influencers attended the prelaunch sales presentation for the plan.

  • Tengo generated substantial discussion and interest at the 20th Annual Flood and Peterson Symposium, where there were more than 500 business leaders, insurance representatives, and healthcare professionals in attendance.

  • More to come on this innovative program!










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