Bonfire Effect helped position Achilles Consulting Group as the preeminent consultant of its kind, working solely with men in executive leadership roles to identify blind spots and mitigate weak areas that may be inhibiting their ability to effectively lead.  

Our team helped bring the company’s unique, highly specialized set of skills into the marketplace with an iconic and symbolic name, a strong logo, messaging strategy and tagline, professional look and feel, and business card design. We also contributed to the design of their lean, minimalist website intended to pique interest and create a sense of high-end exclusivity in terms of clientele served.



“Working with Johnny and the team at Bonfire Effect has truly been a pleasure. Their creative insights, design suggestions, and commitment to compelling narratives helped me establish a brand for my consulting business that I am confident will serve me well in the future. Their suggestions were always on point, and their authentic enthusiasm about our work together sparked a passion and energy in me that moved my dream into a successful reality!”
— President, Achilles Consulting Group