By Bailey Foster

After three solid years in the old space, our Bonfire Effect clan recently said peace out to Loveland and hello to FoCo – making the northward trek to our new Midtown digs.

And while we’ve only been in our new office for about two weeks, we’re already making ourselves at home. With more space for our growing team, all in a Northern Colorado hub of great businesses, great brews, and great food, there’s plenty to love about the new HQ. From creative nooks that inspire collaboration to bold colors that communicate our flair for fun, our fresh space perfectly reflects our bigger Bonfire Effect brand and company culture.

So pull up a chair, take a tour, and hear from the whole crew about what makes this office awesome.  

Front door.jpg

Favorite thing about the new digs?

“I love the natural lighting from all the big windows.” – Katie Middel, Account Intern and Zen master

“I love the open space allowing for a more collaborative environment (and yelling across the room at our designers 😀).” – Stephen Back, Project Manager and Moscow Mule maestro

“I get an orange chair! And the big couch makes for a great writing nook.” – Trevor Sides, Project Manager and part-time poet

“More space to grow our team and host fun events like AMA happy hours. Also, the more open work areas creates room for more collaboration and discussion, which I’m a big fan of.” – Ben Aaker, Account Director and the (almost) most interesting man in the world

“I’m a huge fan of having windows by my desk and being able to yell questions at the project managers on the other side of the room.” – Drew Todd, Designer, climber, skier, and Pat Benatar admirer

BonFire 1.jpg

Being in Midtown Fort Collins, what excites you?

“Working in Midtown FoCo. Plus, the Gilded Goat and Chick-fil-A are both very close to the office and each other.” – Travis Barhaug, Co-founder/Chief Design Officer and aficionado of biking and bourbon

“Two words: wine bar 😋.” – Bailey Foster, Copywriter, toddler mom, and (by default) red wine devotee

“The gym is on my way home so NO EXCUSES!!” – Brenda Barhaug, Co-founder/Chief Operating Officer and superhuman task manager

“It's a close drive. No more I-25. Huzzah! There are also a lot of great places to eat nearby. And it's down the street from my boxing gym. So I can go boxing at lunch and get a good cry in on the way back to the office.” – Trais Barhaug, Designer, deep thinker, and incessant doodler

Orange walls.jpg
Movie chairs.jpg

So much room for activities! What’s your vote for an office add-on?

“A tranquil Zen garden with meditation cushions and, of course, yoga mats surrounding a drinkable whiskey fountain.” – Katie

“A mini-basketball hoop for those afternoon slam dunk contests.” – Stephen

“Now we could bring in 20-30 tons of sand and make this thing out to be an awesome beach, with sun lamps, a bar, and lounge chairs! Just like Mexico!!!! Aw, beautiful…” – Travis

“Peanut butter and jelly bar. PB and Js are all the rage in the NBA these days. Teams eat these before games, after games, on the road, all the time. They’re delicious and a great source of energy/brain power. We could have different kinds of bread, multiple varieties of jelly and peanut butter. It’ll be great. And in honor of Kramer, we’ll call it PB and J’s.” – Trevor

“Hot tub. Or salsa bar. Maybe a bonfire pit. Something hot, I guess.” – Ben

 “Yoga class at lunch right in the middle area!” – Brenda

“It’s a toss-up between a frozen yogurt station (with a wide range of toppings, of course) and a full-service espresso bar. Then I’m on board with afternoon yoga to balance out the sugar/caffeine jitters 👍.” – Bailey

“Ping pong hands down. And a Sonos that Stephen is banned from.” – Trais

“Above-ground pool full of cash.” – Drew

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