He once spoke fluent Kurdish. He can Tweet like a pro while changing a diaper and wrangling a toddler by one foot. He makes marketing magic happen. He is the most interesting man in the world. Okay, maybe not THE most interesting… but pretty darn interesting. Get to know a little more about our resident Account Director, SoMe guru, and connoisseur of brilliant brand stories: Ben Aaker.

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Picture of dead hyena with AK-47 – I lived four years in Northern Iraq while my dad drilled water wells in the villages Saddam destroyed. I spoke fluent Kurdish, and yes, at times carried around my dad’s AK-47. Don’t worry, I didn’t shoot the hyena. We were just clearing roadkill.

Vikings helmet – Being born in New Mexico and growing up abroad, you have the luxury of picking any sports team you want to follow. Naturally, I chose to the path of a diehard Vikings fan (aka a life of pain and misery #Skol). Also, Norwegian and Viking heritage is pretty pronounced in the Aaker family.

A – Lots of As going on. Double in the last name and a reminder of the value and gift of family: my two boys Aksel and Asher and of course my wife, Tori Aaker.

Toy plane | Diaper | Bead maze – Reminders of the family I’ve built with my amazing wife. We happen to be in a season of toys and LOTS and diapers.

Rollerblade wheel – Ever wish you could trade in a skill that’s completely irrelevant to your life at this moment? In my case, that’s rollerblading. I’d rather be better at HTML, singing, or any number of useful things.

Bible | Romans 8 – My 1782 Bible I inherited from my wife’s grandfather when he passed away – open to the greatest letter ever written and one of my favorite passages of scripture. Try to live every day in a state of victory as a more than conqueror.

CSU gloves – Turns out I’m kind of a big Rams fan. Don’t believe me? Follow me on Twitter.

Longboard – My main mode of transportation when I don’t get a good parking spot. #SkateOrDie, bro!