Ever stop to think about how your favorite soda, energy drink, bottled water, or beer gets from the production line to your refrigerator?


If not, you’re in good company. We didn’t fully appreciate the crazy complexity of the process either… until we started working with our new client Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT). AMT is a Loveland, Colorado-based company with a revolutionary product that powers productivity on high-speed conveyors: Anysize®.  

Some context for you

In the good old days, food and beverage manufacturers worked from fixed production lines making just one or two products. But now, production plants have hundreds of feet of conveyor that must accommodate the ever-increasing number of products and packaging sizes on the market. (To give you just a taste of the outrageous variety of beverages available today, here’s a fun fact: Coca-Cola alone sells over 3,500 beverage products worldwide!)

For today’s production lines, adapting to all the different product variations and sizes can require upwards of a thousand positioner adjustments, all within a few millimeters of each other. And in the dynamic and fiercely competitive food and beverage industry, manually adding cylinders and adjusting conveyors for every new product is no longer an option for manufacturers who want to remain profitable. That’s where Anysize comes in.

What Anysize does

Anysize is a flexible automated positioning system that allows manufacturers to accomplish complete conveyor line changeovers for different sized products in a matter of minutes.

That means plant engineers and technicians who were once trapped by expensive and time-consuming manual line adjustments are free to focus on other things that radically boost efficiency and profits. Equipped with Anysize products, the conveyor lines used by canmakers, breweries, soft drink companies, wineries, and more can deal with virtually any size product with the simple touch of a screen. So, us common folk can keep on sipping all of our favorite refreshments.

Bonfire Effect and Anysize

Our crew has kicked off a creative ad campaign to increase awareness around the Anysize product line and emphasize the insane efficiencies it brings to today’s production lines. We’re excited to welcome another fantastic company to our mix of clients and get to work on differentiable themes, designs, and messaging for the Anysize offerings.