Our new Account Manager might be a marketing strategy guru. But industry acumen isn’t the only thing he brings to the boisterous Bonfire crew. Join us in welcoming Brinton Taylor to our growing team, and get to know more about this fly fishing, ukulele-strumming, chess-strategizing, Lego-building family man all the way from the good land of Wyoming.

Watch Fireside Chat with Brinton via Facebook Live here.

10 Things to Know About Brinton Taylor, Account Manager

Ukulele – Playing guitar (and ukulele) is relaxing for me. There’s just something about the simplicity of acoustic and listening to the melody.

Hawaiian wood carving – Those who know me best know I always appreciate a good joke. A friend brought me this hilariously awkward wood carving after his trip to Hawaii, and it’s become a permanent fixture on my desk. It helps me constantly keep my sense of humor.

Polar bear figurine – My dad passed away when I was really young, and this is one of the few things I have from him. It’s a good reminder of my family and where I come from.

Chess piece – People tend to think and move in straight lines. The knight is one of my favorite pieces because it allows you to be unexpected.

Fly fishing collection – This was also my dad’s, and it’s now a hobby that I love. Plus, as a dedicated marketer, I can’t help but appreciate the parallels between fishing and marketing. Throw out a line, and see if someone bites. And if they don’t, cast again.

Pocket transit – My wife is a geologist, and this one of her gadgets. It reminds me that every once in a while, I go in the right direction. Finding her was definitely one of those times.

Hiking bootLace up and go.

Fishing reel – Keep a tight line.

Bike clock – Always make time for fun.

Dinosaur – Makes me think of my kiddos. My boys love dinosaurs and Legos, and I love playing with them. They help remind me that play is important.