His hair is the perfect combination of rakish and refined, and he's typically the best dressed at the Bonfire Effect office. But there's a lot more to designer Drew Todd than meets the eye. Get an inside look into the things that make, motivate, and inspire him. 

Painting – I’ve always wanted to live by the ocean someday. Keeping the dream alive. Also, it’s super stylish.

Bose wireless sound cancelling headphones – I listen to music probably five hours a day. Stay focused, my friends.

Drawing compass – This was my dad’s from his old construction company. It’s awesome for precise sketching of logo ideas.

Yo-yo – Brought back the childhood fun. Got addicted.

Carved wood box – My brother’s godfather made these for my brothers and me, but mine got eaten by our dog, Lightning. So, rather than live without one, I stole my brother’s.

Ski goggles – My dad was a ski instructor, and I started skiing when I was three. I would cry constantly because I got dragged on black diamonds as a five-year-old. Now, I absolutely love it – sometimes to my own detriment.

Model ship – I’ve had it since childhood, and it’s followed me around.

Tiny succulent – To complete the hipster starter kit, one needs a succulent.

3D metal White House puzzle – I’m obsessed with these laser-engraved metal puzzles. They’ve become my favorite Christmas tradition. I’ll spend hours putting them together.

Pat Benatar record – No better dancing music than Pat Benatar. My brothers and I used to get suited up, dim the lights, crank this album, and dance on the coffee table. I’ve danced to “Sex as a Weapon” on a lot of coffee tables in my day.

Sportiva rock-climbing shoes – My first pair of climbing shoes from when I started back in high school. Still terrified of heights, but I keep facing the fear.

Moleskin notebook – My personal da Vinci sketchbook to look back at – full of ideas, office notes, and drawings. Grid paper of course.

Chalk bag with sports tape – To keep me climbing when my torn-up hands don’t want to.

Ski pole – My mom’s from 1970s or so. She still asks for them back, and I don’t plan on giving them to her. Perfect grip and perfect weight for extreme skiing adventures