1. Daylight Saving Time

Sure, the time change might initially suck one hour of your life away. But just think of the hours and hours of sunshine you gain. 


2. Spring break

Our college days might be behind us, but spring break is something we refuse to outgrow. Whether it’s a beachside escape or a basic day trip, sometimes you’ve gotta get away to get inspired. (Fear not, we kept the jello shots and bikini contests out of the mix.)

3. An end to the abysmal cold and flu season

For those of us with little petri dishes of germs running around, a halt to the deep, dark, sneezing, aching, booger-wiping months of winter is particularly spectacular. But hey, we do our best to “B on fire” no matter the circumstances...

4. More time out yonder

With the exception of those godforsaken spring snowstorms that we Coloradans begrudgingly put up with, March marks the start of warmer days ahead. For us that means more time in the great outdoors… without negative wind chills and the fear of frostbite. Some of us have even started gearing up for this summer’s FondoFest at New Belgium (because biking and beer drinking both require endurance). 

5. Plotting April Fool’s Day malarkey for clients

In our opinion, it’s never too early to start plotting practical jokes for April’s opening day. But throughout March, we get to really have some fun by dreaming up funnies for our clients too. Case in point: fruit-flavored edible receipt paper from Brother Mobile Solutions last year. (Wait 'til you see what we cooked up this year.)

6. St. Paddy’s Day Celebrations

A day dedicated to Travis’ uncanny leprechaun impressions and good brews. Days like these are when it pays to have a client in the beer business.

7. Girl Scout Cookies

Who can say no to those packages of chocolatey, minty, peanut buttery, coconutty goodness – strategically sold outside of every known grocery store in America?

8. Whiskey

Because it’s never a bad time to sip whiskey.

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9. Luisa’s birthday

Last but not least, March is also a time we get to pay tribute to one of our own. Happy birthday month, Luisa! Bonfire wouldn’t be complete without your mad project management skills, random office handstands, and diehard love of dinos and doggies.