With a smile that lights up any room and a superhuman way of keeping creative minds on track (not a task for the faint of heart), Brenda brings the perfect combination of playfulness and professionalism to the Bonfire team. Learn a little more about this flower-loving, downhill-skiing, friends-and-family gal, and get a glimpse into why our office would be woefully lacking without her.


SCOTT racing poles – From my 1984 ski racing camp with US Ski Team coaches. They still don’t make better poles than these.

Family photos ­– 31 years of marriage, three kids, two grandkids – so loved.

Hat – Because what girl wants to do her hair every day? Take a break, live easy.

Friendship bracelet – To remind me that I have amazing friends who have my back no matter what.

Chapstick – A girl’s gotta have her Chapstick with her at all times.

Be still – Take time every day to be still with God. Thanksgiving, praise, and prayer – that’s my anchor.

Hiking boots ­– For my daily early morning trek to walk the dogs. (Who am I kidding? It’s to walk me too!)

Flower painting ­ I love, love, love flowers, and this painting is from my mother-in-law.

New skis – Taking me out into the fresh, crisp mountain air, now with my IKON pass for snowy adventures in multiple states.