Follow Travis 217 Miles Over 17,419 Vertical Feet

We all have things that fuel and inspire us, things that that make us feel excited about living and push us to B on fire. For our own Travis Barhaug, one of those things is spending three grueling days on a bike – pedaling hundreds of miles over thousands of vertical feet. Why? Because sometimes it takes feeling like you’re going to die to feel more alive.

About Ramble Ride

The New Belgium Ramble Rides are multi-day journeys that traverse unique landscapes and challenging routes throughout Colorado and North Carolina. The Fort Collins Ramble starts in Steamboat Springs and ends in Fort Collins, giving people the chance to get out into the Colorado wilderness, learn something about themselves, accomplish something big, and have a damn good time doing it.

Ride along with Travis as he tackles the formidable Fort Collins Ramble for the second year in a row.