A while back, we gave a glance into our initial groundwork on creating a proven and affordable turnkey lead-generation systems for our clients—initially focused on government contractors (see: Newfangled opportunities for B2G)—which provides accessible growth strategies that allow you to grow and compete effectively (without draining your budget). Now, we’re stoked to share that our SalesFlume system is officially live!

Our team members have been at the forefront of lead-generation strategy for nearly 30 years. We’ve forged, ignited, fanned, and nurtured powerful marketing campaigns across a wide range of companies in B2B and B2G markets. We’ve also seen firsthand the value of starting something new (instead of just hopping on the latest marketing bandwagon). And that’s why we continue to experiment, evolve, test, and learn to deliver the best results.

In launching SalesFlume, we’re bundling our extensive arsenal of tactics, tools, and best practices under one proven plan—giving businesses what they need to align and optimize their sales and marketing efforts from the ground up. And our programs are accessible to any business with any budget—from high-ROI, turnkey, done-for-you lead generation systems for businesses who just want results fast, to in-depth training, templates, and coaching for those who want to bootstrap on their own with an experienced hand guiding the way.

In the increasingly noisy world of modern business, where companies face tight competition (and sometimes even tighter budgets), the best solution for business growth is no longer just creating a bunch of content that blows in the wind. Instead, it’s investing in a foundation of high-velocity/high-ROI content (namely, webinars and white papers) that quickly moves leads from cold to qualified. Only after that foundation is in place does it make sense to invest in the blog posts and social media on which “the trendy folks” are telling us all to focus.


SalesFlume is a high-velocity lead generation, nurturing, and qualification system that uses proven steps (lessons that come straight from our own triumphs and scar tissue) to help B2B and B2G companies work smarter, attract hot leads, and close bigger deals faster. And because we package our processes into flexible options, clients can build and implement high-ROI campaigns and avoid paying more for piecemeal services. Plus, they can choose the level of support they need to cover the gamut of optimal marketing touchpoints and tools—from foundation-building webinars, white papers, and marketing automation to longer-tail case studies, social posts, and blogs (that direct prospects into the foundational webinars and white papers).

So don’t be afraid to go against the grain. If you feel confused and exhausted by all of the trendy advice out there that says you need to drop big budget dollars on vast quantities of content that doesn’t convert (at least not very fast), you’re not alone. Focus on what works and build your foundation. If you need some help, talk to us about SalesFlume (or better yet, hit us up for a whiskey tasting at our office).