We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… The (not-so-secret) secret sauce behind our growing agency is our standout team. And this month, it just so happens that one of our own had a chance to get out there and do us proud.

2017 SGA Marketing, Customer Experience & Communications Conference

The Southern Gas Association (SGA) Marketing, Customer Experience & Communications Conference is an annual opportunity for sales, marketing, and customer experience professionals within natural gas distribution companies to merge and mingle—getting fresh takes and newfound nuggets of wisdom…plus a glimpse at the latest, greatest technologies, products, and solutions.

SPOTTED: Aaron Owens in his natural habitat

(Disclaimer: Aaron's 96-year-old grandma may have taken this photo on her feature phone.)

This year, our Strategy Director Aaron Owens made the trip to sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida to speak at the conference. As the previous Chair of the SGA Communications Committee and four-time speaker at this annual marketing soirée, Aaron was a seasoned addition to the jam-packed three-day agenda. And as the former head of the award-winning strategic communications team for the fastest-growing gas utility in U.S. (doubling valuation in under three years!), he offered valuable insight on how energy industry leaders can double growth rates…without spending more on marketing dollars.

In his presentation (“How to use modern marketing strategies and technology to market and sell NG at lower costs-per-customer”), Aaron pulled from his past and ongoing marketing experience to unpack a range of creative tips, tricks, and tactics, including:

  • Product positioning – how to position natural gas as an energy option that appeals to consumers and businesses
  • Regulatory and finance models – how to change the delivery model and make it easier for customers to buy
  • Marketing automation – how to use technology to make the whole marketing and sales process more efficient and personalized

And amidst the hubbub of great conversations and questions that followed his SGA session, Aaron, of course, took the time to flaunt his beachside view to those of us back at the office.