Our vision for Bonfire Effect, that initial spark that ignited our full-fledged, fiery approach to creative marketing, has always involved being an indispensable extension of our clients’ businesses—bringing to light unique steps and strategies that pave the simplest, most effective path to prosperity.

That’s why we’re eager to pull out our latest piece of content marketing gear, so to speak…something that will allow us to keep delivering the authenticity, trust, and value that we strive for in each of our client relationships.

Since content is everywhere nowadays, shaping perceptions of businesses and brands (both in print and online), we wanted to provide simpler ways for clients to plan, build, and nurture effective content marketing campaigns. After all, it’s content that helps today’s companies fuel awareness, get found, create engaging customer journeys that lead to more sales, and burn brightly above the rest.

Enter Bonfire Effect Content Packages.

Each of our Content Packages is an intentional compilation of standard recommended strategies and campaigns that guide the way through full-blown content cycles of various shapes and sizes—all at a smaller investment than with our stand-alone services.  

Clients can choose the package that’s right for their needs (Tenderfoot, Camper, or Trailblazer) to build engaging content that nurtures leads to sales—from web pages and email campaigns to case studies, white papers, webinars, and more.

The results?

Higher efficiencies for the client team and ours as we leverage content across multiple platforms and campaigns, plus more bang for the buck as clients get a full year of content marketing services for a competitive monthly price. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

If you’re curious about our new Content Packages, give us a call and let’s start something for your business.