Crafting an experience that draws people in around the soul-stirring warmth and brilliant-orange glow is a process that requires thoughtful planning, hard work, and skill. And it’s this picture that has inspired us over the past two years to build and grow our business in the right direction so we can help our clients do the same.   

As we celebrate two awesome years in business, it’s the perfect time to add more campers to our already vivacious team. We’re stoked to welcome Ben and Morgan into the Bonfire circle.


Ben Aaker

Born in New Mexico, Ben spent his early years riding his bike through the barrio to get to tennis practice (literally right through the neighborhood where 50% of Cops and most of Breaking Bad episodes were filmed). From there, life only got more interesting, to say the least.

Between 1990 and 1994, Ben lived in Northern Iraq, where his father drilled water wells in villages destroyed by Saddam Hussein during the first Gulf War. He had 10 rabbits and was fluent in Kurdish. Now? No rabbits and patchy Kurdish. But he does still make an effort to serve in places of need.

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Lucky for us, Ben survived his childhood adventures and now brings his tenacious spirit to our team as Account Director. A seasoned agency account manager and social media strategist, he has led and created global marketing strategies, tactics, and campaigns for billion-dollar brands, nonprofit organizations, and small- to medium-sized businesses. 

Ben and his wife Tori are the proud parents to son Asher, who by the time he was two months old, had already gone viral. The couple is anchored by faith and a desire to love and serve others, whether through causes right here in Northern Colorado or organizations like Respire Haiti, a nonprofit dedicated to helping orphans and vulnerable children in Gressier, Haiti.


Morgan Haddad

Morgan, our new Account Intern, is your classic overachiever (We LOVE when we get a hold of those!). As a marketing student graduating in May from Colorado State University, her last few years have been filled to the brim with valuable experiences—interning and studying abroad with a London-based event planning company, working on marketing and social media within various departments at CSU, and serving as President of her business fraternity, to name a few. With her extensive list of professional and personal accomplishments (that’s quite possibly taller than she is considering her tiny 4’11.5’ stature—hey, that half inch is an important detail), Morgan brings a wide range of marketing experiences and a fun-loving personality to our group. 

What Morgan lacks in height, she more than makes up for in energy and drive that keep her striving, exploring, and flat-out enjoying life. When she’s not mastering the art of hashtags and broadening her marketing horizons, Morgan enjoys traveling (13 countries and counting), hiking, eating sushi, and commemorating her 11 years in gymnastics with the occasional handstand or cartwheel.