We love the swaying, flickering, never-the-same nature of our work. The fact that there’s nothing “same old, same old” about what we do is one of the best parts of our jobs. And adding a new client to the mix always keeps things interesting. Meet commercetools, the newest addition to our growing client portfolio.

With a 15-year background in e-commerce, a worldwide footprint, and innovative digital solutions, commercetools helps businesses from a wide range of industries build highly individual shopping experiences, without having to transform their IT infrastructures first. commercetools’ cloud-based commerce platform and micro-services approach blend reliability and flexibility for growing businesses that want to succeed in an ever-changing marketplace.

We’re jazzed to help commercetools generate excitement around their brand and solutions— developing strategy and executing plans that include conference/event marketing, prospect and client outreach, messaging and design, customer engagement, and more.