With the Bonfire Old Fashioned

The holidays for some are marked by copious amounts of cookies, caramel corn, and candy canes. But let’s be honest, cocktails and Christmas go together like Santa and his sleigh (or more realistically, two-hour lines at the mall… yet another reason for a good stiff drink!).

So put on A Perry Como Christmas and lift your spirits high with our take on this tried-and-true concoction.

The Bonfire Old Fashioned

2 oz. Breckenridge bourbon (or another Colorado bourbon of your choice… because our booze here is just plain better)
1-2 tsp. simple syrup
3 dashes orange bitters
Slice of orange peel

In a rocks glass, combine the simple syrup, bitters, and bourbon. Stir well and add a couple of large ice cubes. Garnish with the orange peel and drink up.