Many of you have probably caught on to our clear penchants for both bourbon and bonfires. And yet, while we won’t ever turn down a good glass of whiskey, it’s our fiery focus and spirited desire to “start something” that really guide who we are and what we do every day.

This steady spark, this burning need to build and forge and grow and inspire (no matter the territory or terrain), gives us the fuel we need to work, play, serve, and live with passion. And it’s also a perspective we try to pass on whenever possible… because we’re about more than standout strategies and creative solutions. We’re based on a bigger idea… a message that flickers at the heart and soul of our company (and happens to be the face of our latest Bonfire tees): No matter what you do or where you find yourself, B on fire.

"No matter what you do or where you find yourself, B ON FIRE."

Think about it, everything you do and how you choose to do it makes up who you are. So make it matter. Stand tall and be that blazing light that encourages others. You might not be where you want to be today or even tomorrow, but you’re doing what it takes to gather strength and burn brighter.

Whether you’re living the dream or scrubbing the floor… feeling strong or on the verge of a burnout… keep on trekking. Find your smile and pick up your mop, your pen, or your pace. Clear the mess, create something new, or reach the top… Whatever you do, do it with determination. Live with purpose. And B on fire.

A big shout-out to Randy Pfizenmaier of Fusebox Studio for teaming up with us to capture the "B on fire" essence of our agency. Watch for more photos of our awesome, multitalented team.