We’re beyond excited to welcome Purpose Brewing & Cellars to our growing roster of clients (and not just so we can product test some awesome beers). Our team has had a blast helping this brand-new craft brewery find its unique place in the beer mecca of Fort Collins, with a fresh logo that tells one cool story.

About the brewery

Zach, Laura, Frezi, and Peter

Zach, Laura, Frezi, and Peter

Purpose is a collaborative venture between Zach and Laura Wilson of 1933 Brewing and Peter and Frezi Bouckaert. Prior to his role within Purpose, Peter worked as head brewmaster at New Belgium Brewing for 21 years and helped pioneer the introduction of sour beers in America.

Combining skill and creativity with a profound commitment to their craft, Zach, Laura, Peter, and Frezi have created a place where true beer connoisseurs can experience the entirety of beer production, from growing and brewing to enjoying each small batch. Their shared mission is to continually take beer-making to a personal, purposeful level. And eventually, Laura’s wood-fired coffee will add yet another dimension to the art and beauty behind Purpose “brewing.”

To stay ever true to their craft, Purpose takes an intentional, hands-on approach to creating every brew—from harvesting the hops and infusing their recipes with distinctive local ingredients to carefully aging their beers in barrels from select wineries and other craft breweries. Through this attentive, deliberate process, each and every beer becomes a singular work of art.

The “Purpose” story

Considering the extensive experience, determination, and background that make up this exciting new brewery, it’s no surprise that the Purpose name and logo are rooted in a meaningful story—one centered on tenacious growth from the small to the spectacular. Like a towering oak tree that blossoms from a tiny acorn, Purpose has a resolute commitment to harnessing ingredients around them and nurturing those resources into something truly special—something that makes people stop in their tracks.

"Our purpose is to use a thoughtful, artistic, collaborative, and authentic approach to craft one-of-a-kind coffees and beers."

On the journey toward creating "a work of good taste," the Purpose team strives for a final product that encourages quiet appreciation for the present moment while clearly conveying their passion and purpose:

“We believe that everything in life has a purpose. Our purpose is to use a thoughtful, artistic, collaborative, and authentic approach to craft one-of-a-kind coffees and beers. Our mission at Purpose Brewing & Cellars is to inspire creativity, promote craftsmanship, and support our local community.”

Planted in knowledge, ingenuity, experience, and dedication, Purpose is bent on cultivating and elevating the beer culture in Northern Colorado and beyond. And to that we say a stout (wink, wink) and fervent “Cheers!”