In a world of back-to-back meetings, endless emails, and deadlines that are certifiably unrealistic, it can seem impossible to prioritize prep work.

Yet if we are to get the results that we’re after, we need to find time to break away from the never-ending schedule of demands and the temptation to hurry through work and through life. And here’s the real kicker—we might just save time in the long run.

According to research from Franklin Covey, a global company specializing in performance improvement, the average worker spends only 40 percent of his or her time on work that is directly relevant to company goals.1 So what the heck are we doing with the other 60 percent of our time?

This data definitely suggests that the “wing it” approach is a waste of valuable time. Without sound strategy, the tactics don’t matter. And with so much technology at our fingertips, it’s easy for our days to get hijacked by any number of distractions—taking us off course in both the workplace and in day-to-day life.

We believe that the power of preparation is an undeniable ingredient to helping our clients achieve what we call the “Bonfire Effect”—building experiences around brands and businesses that are both vibrant and catching. If you think about it, proper planning is closely tied to this concept. After all, what’s a fire without firewood? Kindling is just the starting point. There’s a lot more that goes into preparing a great experience—one that will provide lasting warmth and ambiance as the flames fan upward.

Take the surroundings for instance. A good setting is a key part of the fun and adds to the overall mood. No one wants to sit and mingle in a 100-degree patch of desert, just like no one wants to browse a website without visual interest or a sense of personality. A comfortable, inviting atmosphere is a must-have. It has to make you want to stay, encourage relaxation, and spur ongoing conversations. Most importantly, it should prompt you to spread the word and share the fun with others. From developing captivating online experiences and memorable events to ensuring eye-catching logos and creative mobile engagement, the right feel and tone is paramount to success.

When it comes to creating marketing initiatives that burn brightly in people's minds, it's clear that good results require planning. Taking the time upfront to contemplate and prepare your goals is a necessary step toward success, and it's what will take your business to the next level.

That's why Bonfire works closely with our clients to strategically craft unique plans—ones that ignite effective and contagious campaigns that won't fizzle out. Take our word for it, the initial preparation is always worth the effort.

1McCormick, Maggie. “A Strategy to Improve Productivity.” Houston Chronicle. Web
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