You’ve crafted your brand narrative, you know your audience, and you’ve identified select digital, direct, and outbound tactics to convey your message. Now it’s time to implement those tactics in a way that delivers clarity, consistency, and relevancy—igniting the flames of curiosity and engagement around your brand and bringing it to life. In marketing speak, this means executing what’s called an integrated marketing approach.

At its core, integrated marketing should align all components of your marketing communication so they work together as a single, customer-centered force. Your goal should be to convey a consistent brand identity across different channels so that your unique identity becomes central to every aspect of your organization—from advertising and sales to customer service.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of implementing a multi-faceted strategy that stays true to your core brand identity but also stands out in the sea of modern marketing, fear not! Move bravely forward with these integrated marketing success pointers.


Instead of letting your marketing tactics stand alone or work independently from one another, link them together to drive your message home and create the kind of consistency that’s key to captivating customers. You can bring focus to your campaign by portraying the same messaging and visual identity across all of your communications. This level of coherence creates powerful brand recognition, giving you the footing to expand on your marketing strategies over time. And by tying your various print and digital assets to one another, leading readers from one channel to the next, you provide more opportunity for customers to engage with your brand on different levels.


Choose the right mix of platforms to optimize your spend and maximize your results. Now don’t get carried away. This doesn’t mean trying to pursue every possible marketing channel at once. We know, it’s tempting to try your hand at everything—web content, social media, blogs, print ads, digital ads, articles…The list goes on and on. Instead, adopt an opti-channel approach—choosing the unique blend of marketing tactics that have proven most successful to your business or industry in the past and leveraging them to your advantage. Select a balanced combination of traditional and digital strategies that will allow your brand to meet prospective customers where they are—burning brightly instead of fizzling out.


With endless chances to interact with brands in the digital world, today’s customers have become active participants in the marketing process rather than passive consumers of content. So give your audience something to do! Regardless of the platform or channel, provide opportunities for your customers to connect with your brand using specific, deliberate calls to action. Invite your audience to contact you or explore your website, offer them valuable webinars and thought leadership opportunities, or promote free trials of your product. Have fun with it! Think of unique phrases and ways to spark readers’ interest so they feel compelled to respond.

Staying focused, maintaining balance, and encouraging connection in your marketing efforts will help guide you down the winding and sometimes overwhelming road of integrated marketing. Now go ahead, light a fire under your brand that will leave your audience wanting more!