In the last month, we’ve been eminently pleased to add two new clients to the Bonfire Effect portfolio: Firefly Medical and Both of these companies have a unique approach to solving customer problems with creative products and solutions that truly stand out in their respective markets.

Located in Fort Collins, a mere horseshoe toss or so from the Bonfire office, Firefly Medical designs modern health care equipment designed to improve patient care and enhance efficiency in clinical environments. We’ve had fun working with this local company to generate awareness around their cutting-edge IVEA product, a breakthrough alternative to the medical equipment and practices of yore. is a Centennial-based business built on a tried and true saying: “A place for everything and everything in its place.” This company is the first to offer a simple, intuitive way for customers to design customized acrylic drawer and tray organizers—all from an online platform. We’re eager to help sharpen the brand messaging, identify and reach the right audiences, and guide campaign strategies for