Now in our second month of existence, we could not be more excited nor more grateful for the opportunity to start our own agency. The support we’ve experienced from family, friends, and business associates here in the early going has been amazing. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes, kind thoughts, and words of encouragement. It means a lot to us.

As we’ve been out talking to people, one of the most interesting and consistent reactions from folks who learn about our new company has been to ask, “Why Bonfire?” And our consistently pat response has been, “I’m glad you asked!”

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of different approaches, agency cultures, and relationship styles. In starting our own business, we wanted to create a different kind of agency and a great experience for everyone. As we pondered what that could look like, we were struck by the uncanny similarities that bonfires have to the experience we want to provide—not only for our agency but for our clients’ brands as well.

When you get a good bonfire going, they are pretty hard to miss, even from a distance. They’re warm and welcoming and practically beg you to pull up a chair and join in. People are friendly and they immediately invite you to partake in the experience. Go ahead, toss another log on the fire! Everyone gets to participate and lots of fun and interesting conversations are had. Perfect strangers suddenly become new friends. A real sense of community starts to form and people tend to linger because no one wants it to end. The list goes on and on. And when we tell someone the story, we can literally see the visceral reaction as the mixture of memories, connections, and excitement come rushing in.

And we thought to ourselves, “Wow, that’s it! That’s the stuff!”

So whenever someone asks, we’re excited to share how this effect—The Bonfire Effect©—is more than a name. It’s both our philosophy and our approach to growing brands. It’s how we intend to help our clients attract, engage, and maintain customers to help them grow their business. It’s also how we intend to draw the best and brightest talent in the region to do remarkable work together for our clients.

Bonfire is so much more than a name. It’s also a privilege and a blessing. Thanks for sharing in the experience!