Inspirato with American Express is a private destination travel club providing members with access to hundreds of curated luxury vacation options, including private residences, hotels and resorts, and one-of-a-kind travel experiences.



When Inspirato with American Express decided to develop a loyalty rewards program to acknowledge the top 1% of their membership, they determined that the working title of “Founders Circle” conveyed neither the value nor the desired cachet. The company needed to elevate the program name to better reflect the Inspirato brand, as well as set the stage for a potentially broader membership rewards program in the future.

After reviewing the positioning of several competitors’ loyalty rewards programs, Bonfire Effect’s creative team explored a variety of unique themes, ultimately drawing back to a short list of viable naming options—all of which met the company’s objectives. Avanti was selected as the ideal name for the program designed to thank its most loyal members with special touches and even higher levels of personalized service.



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"As a marketing team, we tried to name this program for three months before deciding to outsource the task. Bonfire was one of two companies we explored, and Bonfire seemed like a no-brainer to move forward with. Once on board, we had an hour-long meeting to describe the look and feel of the program and provided them with some of our marketing materials. After two weeks, they came back with three very solid options that we all loved. Bonfire is fun, professional, and a joy to collaborate with, and we were relieved to have their expertise and guidance in the naming process." 

— VP of Marketing, Inspirato